T-mobile is the mobile carrier that will be releasing the long awaited HTC One S in the United States. Starting today, you can buy the HTC One S from T-mobile as they announced earlier on April 18th at their press event. Well, T-mobile is not plainly selling out the device, but they have also come up with a great offer for their spring sale that can let you get your new HTC One S for free if they also plan to get a 2 year contract.

According to their Magenta Deal Days promotion, buyers can trade in there your old iPhone, slow performing smart phones, or even any other mobile device, and they can get the brand new HTC One S from T-mobile. Isn’t that an excellent offer? If you trade in your old iPhone, then you can get hold of the One S without needing to pay a single cent. Yes, it will be absolutely free. However, you can trade in your old Blackberry, Windows, Android, or Symbian 9.0+ OS smart phone to secure a guaranteed $100 trade in value. In case, you are using a simple mobile device or got one lying idle in your cupboard, then you can get guaranteed $50 back for the trade in. In short, by trading in whatever phone you have been using you can secure this deal. That is simply fantastic.

In addition to that, their trade-in promotion deal is valid for purchasing any 4G smart phone from T-mobile, like the HTC Radar 4G, and even the Galaxy S II. In case, you have forgotten, the HTC One S is out for sale at T-mobile stores for $199 with a two-year agreement, which makes you grab this device for free with iPhone trade in. For eligibility, the smart phone or any other mobile device must be functional irrespective of the carrier, plus you have to sign a two-year agreement. That is pretty much acceptable; after all you are getting to save some cash on your purchase or even, getting the device for free.

This a limited-time offer that will end on May 8th, so cash out on the offer quickly if you are interested. Are you going to give away your iPhone for the impressive HTC One S? Or, what mobile are you going to trade in for getting the cool HTC One S?

Source: TmoNews